ESTABLISHED 1979 We're Committed To Your Happiness

In 1979, my father, Ken Dorsey Sr., was dying of cancer. An El Paso businessman, his main concern–the future of my mother and their four children. He purchased a Hallmark store for her. Unfortunately, my father didn’t live long enough to see the fruit of his investment. He died in February 1980, when I was 17.

After graduation from TCU in 1984, I returned to El Paso working with my mother who happily ran the business successfully for 25 years and then I took over completely.

No longer a Hallmark Gold Crown store, we still carry Hallmark but have added Papyrus and other card lines. Concentrating more on gifts in the age of the internet, the store carries MacKenzie-Childs (exclusive to El Paso) Michael Aram, Nambe, Cotton Colors (Happy Everything), dog gifts, baby gifts, stationery, monogramming and seasonal merchandise.

The store provides a complete “customer experience” with gifts, cards, printing, and gift wrapping as well as a wedding gift registry.

With printing we specialize in weddings and special events invitations such as bar mitzvahs, confirmations, birthdays, retirements, showers, and quinceañaras with a wide selection of paper and print choices.

I am a huge animal lover. I have a Great Dane named Lord Nelson (also referred to as “Nightmare Nelson” or “El Diablo”. I have rescued cats at the store and had them neutered. One of the cats named “Mr. Burlington” now resides at the store, so be on the lookout. We carry a variety of pet products and accessories geared towards pet lovers!

Our family’s commitment to El Paso and our customers has made a beginning from a sad event into a happy career and business. Come in, visit us and help us celebrate the past 40 years and the future years to come!

  • Beautiful store. Nice stuff to buy in there. I'll certainly be back!
    Alex Hale, Customer
  • Nice people, large selection of cards
    Manuel Rivera, Customer
  • Great Hallmark store, very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I have never been to a Hallmark store where the staff knew exactly what they had on stock and ideas to help you get what you need. I highly recommend if you're looking for that special gift for that special someone in your life.
    Omar Hernandez, Customer
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